Soundwave® ANDO Fooling the Eye

The acoustic panel Soundwave® ANDO is our first collaboration with the young Swedish designer Daniel Svahn. With the design of ANDO, Daniel Svahn takes a well-known building material into a new domain.

When you cast blocks of concrete, a natural by-product of the manufacturing process are round holes on the surface of the blocks. For the trained eye, these characteristic round holes are the unmistakable sign of a concrete surface. The concrete block has been transformed from a hard material with sound reflecting properties to a soft absorbing surface.

Soundwave® ANDO has a rectangular shape which opens up for many creative ways to build your own wall. The rectangular shape also gives an effective price per square meter, which is also one of the qualities of building with concrete.

To give one material a new expression with a different meaning and function creates excitement. With the new look and a new sound absorbing material, a combination of recycled textile, the eye will experience Soundwave® ANDO as a concrete block.



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