In the moment with Khodi Feiz

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Iranian-born industrial designer Khodi Feiz explains about his idea for the easy chair MOMENT –I became interested in hybrid furniture. I wanted to make something that is relaxed in nature so I explored the idea of designing a lounge chair which combines a sculptural, fluid-shaped seat with a useful articulated tablet. Feiz cites the archetypal school chair (which cleverly combines the seat with a folding table element) as the starting point in generating ideas for his design.


MOMENT is a chair which comprises an asymmetric seat structure with a small integrated table surface attached to the arm. The surface pivots 180 degrees between an ‘opened’ or ‘closed’ position according to the whims of the user. The pivoting ‘tablet’ supports perfunctory activities: acting as a platform on which to position your laptop; a prop for documents, a notepad or one’s mobile phone; or a resting place for a cup of coffee or impromptu lunch. Its existence is rational and entirely intuitive, offering a helping hand to anyone seated within it.

Khodi Feiz_2

The chair takes on different mannerisms when opened or closed. It’s almost as if it changes behavior, muses Feiz. Indeed, depending on how the user positions the tablet, the chair facilitates ‘moments’ that are either active or passive. –I believe these moments need to be reflected in our objects, continues Feiz.

Khodi Feiz_1

The chair is made from a steel frame structure encased in cold cure moulded foam. This construction allows for the seat to remain thin as well as sturdy and stable. The tablet is made from lacquered wood composite and has been designed to visually appear quite fragile in order to prevent damage from users overloading it with too much weight.

Khodi Feiz_3
Having studied in industrial design at Syracuse University (USA), Feiz worked in the country for four years before taking up a post at Philips Design in the Netherlands where he stayed for eight years developing everything from medical equipment, consumer electronics to domestic appliances and strategic design. In 1998, Khodi co-founded the Feiz Design Studio in partnership with his wife, graphic designer Anneko Feiz van Dorssen. Based in Amsterdam, the studio undertakes a variety of projects across product, furniture, strategic, graphic and identity design.


In its early years, the studio began its collaboration with Offecct. Exhibiting at the talent forum that is Salone Satellite in Milan, their work was spotted by the owners of Offecct and their art director Eero Koivisto. This union in 2000 led to the release of K-LINE a few years later, comprising a family of functional furniture in moulded plywood and steel. In 2008, an easy chair called PALMA was introduced which has enjoyed strong sales ever since. And MOMENT, Feiz third project for Offecct launched to great critical acclaim in 2012.

Text by Max Fraser
Learn more about K-LINE, PALMA and MOMENT at


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World premiere for the sofa MEET by Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners for Offecct

No matter if you are in a meeting room or a living room, there is no need for the environment to suit only one type of activity. Today’s technology has made that possible. We wanted to create a sofa that gives you the feeling of being virtually anywhere, a center of comfort, with all the appliances you might need for work, informal meetings and some casual time. Offecct’s new sofa system MEET is designed solely for this purpose. Its soft seating which rests on a sturdy platform is the result of the first collaboration between the Milan based design studio Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners and Offecct.


– When we work on projects aimed at the environment between office and residential space, we always raise our gaze to look at the surroundings. We don’t want to see only the product. We want to see and feel how this product will actualy work in a space so it can be of full service to the people who will use it, explains Robin Rizzini.

Offecct Meet_Fattorini Rizzini Partners_2– We wanted to design MEET so that its functions feature Offecct’s main areas, the sustainability aspect and the sound absorbing qualities of their products, the importance to inject life through plants in indoor environments and Offecct’s craftsmanship in working with wood and fabrics, continues Robin Rizzini.


– It has been a pleasure to work on MEET with Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners, they are masters at designing system furniture. Our very first meeting during Salone del Mobile in 2013 quickly turned into a fascinating philosophical discussion about what informal meetings mean, and from there Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners have carried out this project perfectly. They have come through with a sofa that serves the meeting and work aspect in a very generous way, says Anders Englund, Design Manager at Offecct.

OFFECCT_Fattorini Rizzini Partners_MEET_sketch_2Learn more about Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners at our website!


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Seating furniture AIRBERG by Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct is now ready for the market

Last year, Offecct together with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud presented a prototype of what seemed to be air trapped in a body made of felt, resembling something unusual and dreamlike. After a year of further intense experimentation and successful innovation, the second Offecct Lab product selected to be part of Offecct’s standard collection is now finally ready. And like Jean-Marie Massaud just did in the the Offecct stand at Salone del Mobile (Pavillion:20 Stand:E18),  please have a seat in AIRBERG.

Jean-Marie Massaud_3

– Offecct is prominent in offering the market a strong and varied product selection. This means that with AIRBERG I could take a step further and break with conventions and question existing norms of what a piece of seating furniture usually looks like, says Jean-Marie Massaud.

offecct_airberg_Jean Marie Massaud_1

AIRBERG consists of a structural case that gives the impression of being filled with a vacuum, but is in reality held up by an advanced set of elastic ribs and springs. The unique craftsmanship used in the production of AIRBERG makes it possible to create a deconstructed piece of furniture that is more defined by its asymmetrical shape. Jean-Marie Massaud has created a piece of furniture that is comfortable, sustainable and unique, making it highly contemporary.

offecct_airberg_Jean Marie Massaud_3

– Offecct has always worked with product development and lately we have intensified our efforts to continuously create innovative and challenging products for the international market. With AIRBERG, Offecct together with Jean-Marie Massaud has taken a great leap in this direction resulting in a unique piece of furniture that simply has to be experienced, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO at Offecct.

offecct_airbergs_Jean Marie Massaud_2

Learn more about Jean-Marie Massauds design for Offecct here!

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Offecct’s chair Tailor by Louise Hederström is nominated for furniture of the year!

Sweden’s biggest interior magazine ”Sköna Hem” has just announced five products out of which one will be named ”The furniture of the year 2014”. We are very proud to say that Offecct’s chair Tailor designed by Louise Hederström is one out of these five candidates. The winner will be announced on the 6th of May!

ÅretsmöbelThe jurors motivation for Tailor. ”Fashion and furniture of today are an obvious match. Louise Hederström’s dapper chair is a well tailored friend with buttons like the ones on a grandmother’s cape. Designed for restaurants and office environments, Tailor will with its comfort and characteristics soon find its place also around the dinner table in our homes”

Different patterns for clothes have inspired me in my work on TAILOR, and this gives the chair a unique character. The way the seat and the backrest are put together are highlighted with buttons, an important aesthetically detail. The buttons are the same shape as the buttons that were on a coat my grandmother used to wear, a small detail which means a lot to me. Every part of this chair is designed for maximum comfort. You could say that the chair is tailored for the body, says Louise Hederström.

Learn more about Louise and see what she has designed for Offecct at our website!

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Offecct’s chair Robo by Luca Nichetto to compete in Compasso d’Oro ADI

Offecct is honored to be chosen to compete in Compasso d’Oro ADI with the chair Robo designed by Luca Nichetto. Today the exhibition of all the competing objects will open at Spazio A ex Ansaldo, Via Bergognone 34 (Zona Tortona) in Milan Italy and will be open for the public during the the Salone del Mobile.

This year the award turns 60, which not only makes it one of the most coveted industrial design awards in the world but also one of the oldest. The design of Robo is inspired by a 1999 music video by Icelandic artist Björk and Chris Cunningham, in which robots become human and come to life.
robo-chair-4All the parts of the chair fit into a 50x50x20 cm box, which facilitates transport and also meets Offecct’s stringent environmental demands.

robo-chair-1Luca Nichetto about the design for Robo – I thought the video’s concept of robots being constructed and given life was so exciting, and I couldn’t stop thinking that it should be possible to do something similar with furniture,” Nichetto says. “My fantasy became reality when I transformed the forms of the human robots into chairs, which were later named Robo.

Watch the video of how Robo assembles here!

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Broberg & Ridderstråle to compete at EDIDA 2014

During Stockholm Design Week in February, the design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle won the prestigious ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Award in the category Best Designer. They will now compete for the ELLE DECO International Design Awards 2014 (EDIDA), where the editors of the 25 international ELLE DECO magazines select the best designer furnishings of 2013-2014. The much coveted awards will be announced in Milan in two weeks time.

Offecct’s first product with this talented duo were the charismatic side table BIRD, released in 2006.

BIRD was followed by the carefully engineered and stackable chair LITE in 2010.


And LITE was complemented with an elegantly foldable table in 2012.

table liteOffecct is very happy to have been working for many years with this gifted duo and we wish them the best of luck in Milan for EDIDA 2014! To find out more about Broberg & Ridderstråle

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Know your nearest outlet!

In a research about how we process information in the internet age conducted by Betsy Sparrow, an assistant professor of psychology at Columbia University, the results says something about how we have to think about product development.

internet age The results showed that when we don’t know the answer for a question, we now think about where we can find the nearest web connection instead of the subject of the question itself. For example. When participants in the research got the question ”Are there any countries with only one color in their flag?” the participants first thought about computers, not flags.

Basic RGB

With this in mind it is a good job that there is no shortage of power outlets in our new table Xtra Large by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The table consists of modules that can be added on and below each modul are beams that function as its power grid, so people that sit around it easily can power up their phones and computers and stay online to search for answers!

Offecct XTRA LARGE by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Offecct XL table 2400-1B

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Offecct YouTube channel

We are happy to present our YouTube channel and our latest video which features our activities during the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Stockholm Design Week 2014. The video also include interviews with Offecct CEO Kurt Tingdal, Design Manager Anders Englund and Eero Koivisto of Claesson Koivisto Rune.



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Living Tradition

Offecct and its production facilities are situated in Tibro, a small town in the western part of Sweden. Tibro is surrounded by stunning nature and sits in an area with a rich tradition of craftsmanship and deep knowledge of furniture production, which dates back to the 18th century. From its origins of furniture handcrafted by farmers, it steadily grew into a profession with the establishment of proper sawmills. Carpenters set up shop in red barns, paving the way for an industry that’s known throughout the country. Today, Tibro is Scandinavia’s biggest logistics centre for the furniture industry. Nine out of ten pieces of furniture made in Sweden pass through Tibro on their way from producer to consumer. Needless to say, the tradition and spirit of local craftsmanship is in Offecct’s DNA.

Bellow you see fabric carefully being cut out by hand to be sewn and then applied on a furniture at the Offecct factory in Tibro. To find out more about our production, visit

cut out

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Donation to “Min Stora Dag”

When we recently got the question if Offecct could donate furniture to the new office of the foundation Min Stora Dag, we immediately said yes. The goal of Min Stora Dag, (My Big Day), is to grant wishes to critically ill children (3-18yrs) in Sweden suffering from severe, not seldom life-threatening, diseases. The foundation’s work is unique as each child is actively involved in planning his or her own wish.


We are very proud to be asked to help this foundation, and the furniture we choose to give were the easy chair PAL designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. To learn more about the foundation Min Stora Dag and how they work, please visit their website


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